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Better Drilldown for MAM (Unified for locations AND assets)



Nowadays, most of CMMS offer a better Drilldown than Maximo (MAM):

- they provide an unified view of locations AND assets ;

- they enable to define a different icon per class (iconology) ;

- for locations within several Location Systems, when you switch to another System, they display all levels (from root to itself) of a branch. The branch is not collapsed but expanded. It's important for telling where you are...


Use case:


As a frequent Maximo user:

1) When you have to go through several levels of locations AND assets, you want to click less.

2) When you want to identify the dependencies described through different Location Systems, you want immediately to see all levels of the branch.

3) In real world, the Locations systems are often wide and deep. Decrease clicks and give hints are really important.